Donor Circle: Invest in education, health and civic initiatives

Brussels Donor Circle brings together impactful organisations working in Romania and the Romanian community in Belgium in an annual fundraising event.

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Since 2017, we have raised 60.000 euro for 17 initiatives in Romania with the support of our community of donors. But we can do more!

This year, we will have the chance to meet three new organisation that tackle pressing needs back home.


  • Rasaritul de Argint is an organisation from the West part of Romania.Their aim is to improve the health of seniors. Within the project "Digital solutions for seniors" they aim to scale up the platform. They will launch a new live facial yoga program to stimulate the 40 facial muscles and to improve lymph circulation. Facial yoga is not itself an indicator of behavioral change, but a bridge to draw members into the community and drive engagement.
  • Casa Naturii is an organisation working in vulnerable rural communities in Transylvania. They have been organising a literacy club for the children in the area for the last 7 years. With your support, they will continue their literacy programme with 60 children from three main villages.
  • Civic Radauti will continue to develop the Academy of Community Organizing, a project started in 2022, which supported the establishment of a network of civic groups in the rural area near Rădăuți municipality. Now they want to expand the network in 5 new small communities, to organise debates with the candidates to the local elections taking place this year and to monitor the activity of the current local councillors for the last four years.


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